Yacht Management With Zolna Yachts

Zolna Yachts manages vessels for out-of-state owners and locals who can not use their vessels on a consistent basis. Boats need to be used and the engines need to run in order to keep them in top condition. A boat or yacht that “sits” too long is a very bad thing. From the fuel system, water pumps, exhaust components, to impeller blades, etc., the boat needs to be used. If you’re not the type to be down at the boat every weekend, tinkering around the engine, flushing systems, and taking her out for a spin, you probably need yacht management help.

Our company typically will manage 45 footers and larger that will go into our charter fleet in some capacity. There are many options for our owners to choose from that can include the availability for limited charter or full time charter. Contact us and we can see what will work best for you.

Below are a couple of testimonials from our yacht clients.

Amos and Shari Zolna were a great asset to have when making my large yacht purchase. I was very scared to jump into a 48′ yacht at first, but, they helped me to alleviate my fears by giving me hands on assistance and guidance before the purchase, during the purchase, and after the purchase. That is the short of it.

Are you ready for the long part of it? We’ll if you’re like me, and you are serious about purchasing a yacht in San Diego, then, I know you’ll want to hear it. I was looking at yachts for over 6 years. I had no idea how to get started in the process, because there is so much to know and understand with a large yacht. I knew that after looking by myself at yachts, and, with random yacht brokers, that I needed to find someone that I felt comfortable and that I could trust had my best interest in mind. I went around San Diego looking at boats with random brokers, with not luck. I just never met a yacht broker that I felt in my gut was the right fit for my first time big yacht purchase. It’s a scary purchase.

I kept persevering and never gave up on searching for the right people to help me through the process. I knew I had to find someone that I could trust to hold my hand before, during, and after my purchase. I then re-thought my strategy. I thought, why not start chartering private yachts to get a feel for the yacht I want. Why not seek out a professional charter captain that knows the insides and outs of really owning the style of yacht I want to purchase. I then searched, and called around for a yacht charter company in San Diego. That is when I met Amos Zolna on the phone. Right away I had a good gut feeling, by just the way he spoke on the phone. I then proceeded to book a private cruise with overnight stay on one of the Zolna’s Charter Meridian Yachts.

Amos, and his wife, Shari Zolna, took us out for a 3 hour private tour of the San Diego Bay. It was then that we really got to have some valuable time face to face with the Zolna’s. They were very easy to talk with about technical aspects of owning, driving, and maintaining a yacht like the Meridian 459 I was looking at. I want to try and keep this right to the point without elaborating on the details of how they informed me on the technicalities of owning, driving, and maintaining a yacht. (they can cover this process for you!) The bottom line is that the Zolna team was there before the buying process, during the buying process, and is still around, to this day. I am very grateful to have the Zolna team on my side. They are a team that you can feel, are only looking out for your best interest. Amos has now become my Yacht captain mentor and continues to hang out and mentor me.

I highly recommend the Zolna team to get your dream yacht, in a very efficient, professional, and most importantly, friendly manner. If you want to make your experience a pleasant one, go with the Zolna team. You WILL NOT regret it.

I met Amos and Shari Zolna a few years ago when I came across their ad offering nightly rentals aboard their luxury yacht in San Diego. I was impressed. I knew from my previous inquires that this was, indeed, a unique opportunity because marinas, by and large, do not allow such “nightly charters” as they are very protective of their boat owning tenants and the exclusive nature of their private marinas. As a previous sailboat owner in the 90’s, I missed the boating scene and the atmosphere in and around the marina and San Diego Bay. I rented the Ohana Pacific once by myself, once again with two friends, and a third time with my retired parents. It was a great experience for all.

After 3 visits, I had the “yacht ownership bug” once more and thought if Amos had an interest in expanding his already successful business, perhaps he would welcome a second yacht with which he could manage rentals and bay cruises and I could actually afford to realize my dream of having a first-class yacht (and get-away) and send my clients back in Colorado to San Diego for a “very cool” unique and luxurious experience. My timing was just right because he had been working on just such a plan and was prepared to offer his services. The proposed agreement allowed me to reserve my boat any time I desired and the rest of the time, it would be available for him to book. I would furnish the boat, pay for all maintenance and general operating expenses.

I realized that although there was no way for me to know whether or not Amos could book my yacht enough to substantially reduce my monthly expenses, this was the only practical scenario for me to own and keep a yacht there. But, the first thing was for me to buy a boat. Our search led me to the Seattle area where Amos assisted me the the purchase of a newer, very well-built 45’ Cruisers with custom features which was previously owned by a retired Microsoft Vice-President.

Everything since then has exceeded my expectations. I’ve actually realized a steady positive cash flow since we started in May 2010. I’ve encountered fewer than expected routine maintenance expenses and repairs and Amos has saved me thousands of dollars by performing most of those repairs himself. I am pretty confident that no other yacht owner in San Diego enjoys a better POSITIVE CASH FLOW than I have regardless of the size or price tag of their yacht. If I sell the Nani Ula (Beautiful Red), I have the opportunity to purchase a larger boat and plan to add it to his fleet as well.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my boat and my business relationship with Amos and Shari Zolna.

We would love to help you grow your business and bring other private yachts into your charter, so we thought we should send you a letter of referral. Hopefully, you can show this to other potential yacht owners and they can get a sense of what other clients think of your services.

Our yacht was in your charter business for over 4 years when we purchased it in March 2014. We were amazed at how beautiful the yacht looked and in shock it had been part of a rental charter… this really speaks volumes of how you care for the yachts in your charter… from maintenance to screening and managing the guests.

You two are fantastic people and everyone feels very welcome and comfortable when they stay or cruise with you. Shari, you are the ultimate hostess… Amos, you are an amazing captain and instructor. You spent a number of hours showing me everything on my new yacht and helping me learn how to handle her.

The charter business is great! We know you two are watching over our yacht on a daily basis. Clients are gently using the space as a hotel room and the yacht is getting used when you do cruises. Many owners’ yachts are just sitting empty for weeks and months at a time without any use… very bad. Why not have others gently use it, manage it and collect some money?! We are very pleased with the income/cash flow we are getting… it’s like having a free slip and gas… very nice!

Marina Cortez is very nice. It’s not a prestigious yacht club or a 5 star marina but we like it a lot. They take care of the place but they stay out of your way and let you enjoy your yacht/dock. Our dock and slip is great! Very mature people stay here so it is quiet and everyone looks out for each other. We will miss everyone!

Someone reading this might think ‘Why are they leaving if they love it so much?’… all good things come to an end… we are moving the yacht to Newport Beach where we will use it more as our condo and do some north coastal traveling. We are sad to go, but a new adventure begins.

We know you loved our yacht and took great care of her… Thank you. We hope your business continues to grow and prosper!