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Zolna Yachts FAQs

These are some of our more common frequently asked questions (FAQs). However, if you can’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact Zolna Yachts. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

How much is it to charter the Nerissa yacht?2020-05-21T17:49:30-07:00

The Nerissa motor yacht is $995 per hour. We include a full professional staff with a captain, 2 crew (if more than 15 people) and a bartender. Yacht fees (tax) are 10% and we charge 15% for crew gratuities. There is a $250 remote dockage fee for all groups over 12. Bar and catering are additional.

How do I choose a Caterer?2020-05-21T17:48:07-07:00

You can choose to have one of our fantastic on-board chefs creating delicious passed Hors D’oeuvres with placed platters throughout of whatever your heart desires within your own budget. See our sample menus for our caterers listed under “Services” and you can choose to work with whomever you like from the list.

Outside venders are welcome as long as they have a meeting with us to discuss menu and venue and provide us with a copy of their liability insurance. Outside vender fee is $250.

How does the bar work aboard Nerissa?2020-05-21T17:47:28-07:00

We have 2 levels of open bar service, either $10 or $20 per person per hour, with a maximum of 3 hours, depending on your choice of our well or premium wine, beer & spirits. You may request a cash or tab bar if that works best for you and your group. All charters are custom, so be sure to speak with Shari about any special requests.

What makes the Zolna Yachts unique?2019-11-10T12:22:44-08:00

Zolna Yachts is a unique business for luxury yacht charters, the rental of a cheerful Houseboat, as well as Yacht Brokerage.

We are mostly known for our private yacht charters for groups as large as 49 passengers. See the Nerissa yacht for classy corporate events, weddings and all sorts of celebrations. The Ohana Pacific is perfect for groups up to 12.

For lodging, we can accommodate 4 overnight guests aboard the Houseboat. It’s great for two couples who want to vacation together, a family, or a small group of friends wanting a unique place to stay in San Diego.

What forms or methods of payment are accepted?2019-03-14T11:31:13-07:00

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also accept PayPal. All credit card payments to us go through a secure booking system. We will never ask for bank account or wire transfer information. We also do not accept personal checks, wires of any kind or Western Union payments.

Are there any age restrictions?2019-11-10T12:03:46-08:00

There are no age restrictions for our chartered bay cruises. All children on a charter need to be watched by an adult at all times.

Some elderly folks may have a difficult time maneuvering on and about the yacht and dock. Please make sure all your guests will be comfortable moving around and can easily step on and off the dock, boat, and the few steps that are located on each vessel.

Houseboat lodging guests must be over 21 to rent.

Can I drive the yacht?2019-11-17T14:29:25-08:00

We’re sorry, but no, you cannot drive the yacht(s). Only licensed, insured and pre-qualified captains may drive our yachts. Additionally, by law, power boats over 26 feet can’t be rented to the public without a captain’s license.

What are the requirements for summer months and holidays?2019-08-26T19:26:55-07:00

There are no additional requirements when staying aboard the Houseboat. However, we may be able to offer a cruise package along with your houseboat stay if desired depending upon availability.

Chartering a cruise is a great way to entertain local friends or clients. The Nerissa Yacht can take up to 49 passengers and the Ohana Pacific can take up to 12 passengers. We have a full bar on Nerissa and we have a nice selection of caterers to use on any charter.

What is included in the accommodation price?2019-07-30T14:39:00-07:00

Use of the marina’s pool and BBQ. On the houseboat, you’ll find basic kitchen supplies and miscellaneous condiments, coffee, sugar and non-dairy creamer, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, hair dryer, and linens. You may park 1 car for no charge during your stay.

All charters and harbor cruises are available for an additional charge.

Who stays aboard on the Houseboat?2019-07-30T14:40:04-07:00

Only the registered guests stay aboard our houseboat. Captain and crew will be present only for charters.

Do all the registered guests have to be present all at the same time for check in?2019-11-17T14:32:03-08:00

Yes, since this is a Houseboat, not your typical condo or hotel room, we need to show everyone, all at the same time, how to live aboard a Houseboat and use the bathrooms properly. Since the owner’s make a special trip to the marina to check all the guests in, we need everyone present at the same time. If you are on different flights, or have a special circumstance that doesn’t allow all of you to be available for check-in at the same time, you will need to make special arrangements with the owner at least 48 hours in advance of arrival.

Can I ask some of my friends or family to stop by the Houseboat for a visit?2019-11-17T14:35:12-08:00

Your rental agreement with us and the agreement with the Marina and Port of San Diego allows the Houseboat to only be occupied by the overnight guests registered with us. However, with our written permission and your guest fee payment, you may have a minimum amount of guests, never more than 6 people total on the houseboat. Never any parties allowed.

People on the private dock or on the yacht without permission would be in violation of both our rental agreement with you and the Marina and will be considered trespassers. If you would like to have a unique experience for family and friends, you can book a harbor tour for up to 12-49 people when you are staying aboard the houseboat overnight.

When we stay aboard overnight, are we docked?2019-11-17T14:33:00-08:00

Yes, the houseboat remains dockside.

Can I do laundry and is there maid service?2019-03-14T11:49:18-07:00

The marina has a small laundry room and coin operated machines. Or, upload the app and pay with your phone. We do have maid service upon request for an additional fee.

Is there air conditioning/heating on the Houseboat?2019-07-30T14:44:58-07:00

The houseboat has portable electric heaters and has air conditioning. However, we rarely need to use either with the beautiful cross breeze over the marina and the perfect year round San Diego weather.

Do we need to bring any linens or towels?2019-03-14T11:50:14-07:00

No. We are fully equipped with Charter Club towels, beach towels and bed linens.

Can we cook on the Houseboat?2019-11-17T14:33:53-08:00

Yes, you can buy groceries and cook aboard the Houseboat. There is a 2 burner stove, microwave oven, BBQ and full size refrigerator/freezer. We supply a Keurig coffee maker, tea pot, basic pots and pans, and a full set of silverware and plastic glassware.

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Arnold Barkhorn
Arnold Barkhorn

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Sherri and Amos put together elegant cruises on the beautiful yacht called the Nerissa. Quickly becoming one of the busiest and sought after cruises in the Bay of San Diego, I recommend you book in advance. This luxurious yacht comes equipped with a hot jet jacuzzi on the top deck to enjoy during the cruise and also private cabana’s for additional privacy. The main ball room has a beautiful, white stone bar, stocked with premium spirits and your own private mixologist that can create almost any cocktails you can think of. Your private Chef caters to your appetite while creating elegant dishes that display fine dining. The Captain showcases great experience as he safely chauffeurs you smoothly through the bay. The Crew’s hospitality makes you feel like Royalty and the overall experience is memorable for life.