Luxury Yacht Services in San Diego

To give you the best possible experience aboard our yachts, we have several additional services that we can provide to make your overnight stay or charter cruise a memorable one. These luxury yacht services in San Diego can range from basic to elegant catering, wedding planning and coordination, corporate events and team-building, party planning, and even massage therapy on the bay. While we’ve tried to think of the standard services and even some extra special needs, there always something that we may not have considered. Just ask and as a local family business, we can meet your specific needs and requirements. Let us know if want or need something special. We’ll be happy to arrange our custom yacht services to make it happen. Our goal is to provide you with a very fun and memorable experience through our luxury yacht services in San Diego. Afterwards, you’ll definitely want to share your experience with others!

Zolna Yachts Sea Spa Package

Zolna Yachts is excited to offer our ‘Sea Spa Package’ for the ultimate in relaxation and self care aboard the Nerissa yacht on San Diego Bay. This package provides a relaxing escape from the ordinary for up to 12 people.

Come join us and spoil yourself with the tranquility of being on the open water, viewing the San Diego skyline while enjoying a massage or relaxing in the hot tub with friends. Your ultimate relaxation get-away awaits!

Weddings Zolna YachtsCelebrate this very happy occasion and let us take care of you. We’ll coordinate with any outside services you may need or just keep it simple. Either way, the beautiful San Diego Bay or city skyline will be your backdrop. Then consider staying aboard our yacht for a very special and intimate honeymoon.

Fruit and Cheese PlatterFrom something simple like a wine, cheese and fruit platter to a fully catered meal or restaurant delivery, we can take care of this for you or help you with the arrangements. We’ll also be happy to coordinate with any independent caterer that you may have already chosen. If you want to provide your own food and beverages, we’ll take care of the setup, plates, utensils and cleanup for a small nominal fee.

Corporate Events

From elevated performance to facilitating personal growth, corporate team-building events are a powerful tactic for leveling up the workforce. Events for your team are a specific type where your primary audience is, in fact, your very own colleagues. The goal of this is usually to foster better communication and collaboration amongst team members.

For a smaller team or group of clients up to 6 guests, the Ohana Pacific is the perfect choice for you. For larger groups, the Nerissa can handle up to 49 guests. We can take a standard 2 hour harbor tour or alter any cruise for your client or team needs. As with all our cruises and parties, we can cater and customize this event to meet and exceed your highest expectations.

EventsLife is made of events that become treasured memories. We’ve produced everything from lavish corporate events to small company meetings, delightful birthday parties to the most memorable weddings, marriage proposals, anniversaries and everything in-between.

Zolna Yachts can handle parties from 2 to 48 guests so whether you want a small intimate gathering or a large party, we can help you put it all together. Click here to see our yachts.

All our parties are custom designed, just for you. Let us know the theme of your occasion, how many guests will be joining you, what type of catering, if any, you have in mind, and we will go to work to come up with the perfect package for you. Almost nothing is set in stone; we’re not huge fans of terra firma. So between us, the caterer, and you, we will come up with your dream event. Keep it simple, or pull out all the bells and whistles. We will work with your ideas and your budget. All out of ideas? That’s alright. Let us offer you some suggestions, show you some pictures, provide you with some menus, and let the pieces fall into place. That’s what we’re here for. And we love what we do!

Burial At Sea

Increasingly families are choosing cremation and burial at sea for their funeral selection. Burial At Sea (also known as scattering) of cremated remains has been the best option for interment for many families and loved ones. There are numerous reasons for selecting burial at sea or scattering of ashes at sea, including love of the sea, wishes of the deceased, nautical background or experiences, conservation of land space, environmentally friendly interment, spiritual associations with the ocean and its life chain, affordability, and uniqueness.