Sightseeing Harbor Cruises in San Diego

With our sightseeing harbor cruises in San Diego, you’ll not only get to see many of the highlights of the San Diego Bay, but also be able to view these amazing sights from a perspective that most people never get to experience. We offer cruises that can accommodate anywhere from two to 49 people, but we mainly specialize in creating customized, intimate group cruises to serve all our customers’ wants and desires.

We plan most of our sightseeing harbor cruises in San Diego to run around three hours long to ensure that you’ll see all the sights of San Diego Bay and not feel rushed in the process. We’ll start your cruise on Harbor Island or another requested dockage spot on the San Diego Bay. Cruising forward from here, we can head south past the Point Loma Naval Yards to the mouth of the bay at Cabrillo National Monument. If we’re lucky, the dolphins may be jumping at the Naval Training Center. Maybe you would prefer to start your cruise along the city side of the San Diego Bay to view both the Star of India and Midway aircraft carriers before moving along to Seaport Village. We’ll make sure you get a good view of Coronado as we drift under the bridge and come upon a great view of the Hotel Del Coronado. Whatever you like, we’ll make sure that you get only the best customer service and an experience you’ll always remember. We also provide various catering options as well as a delicious wine, cheese, and fruit pairing to go along with your cruise. If you would rather not end your sightseeing harbor cruise, consider adding on to your experience with overnight lodging while staying aboard the Suite Paradise Houseboat. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns at any time. Let us help you plan your perfect harbor cruise tour in San Diego today!